I. Vision Date : 2016- 04

We aim to become an investment-banking group in the future. Thus we will focus resources on such business as bills, securities, and venture capitals in order to set up an industrial bank. The ultimate goal is to create niche businesses, generate synergy within and maximize shareholder value in the rapidly evolving financial markets.

IT is our vision to strengthen our position as the leader in direct financing in Great China Area. Our statement of values is "Sincerity, Efficiency, and Innovation." These principles reflect our business philosophy, priorities, and values that guide our daily operation. Through consistent innovative management and superior investment expertise, we strive to provide quality services to our clients enhance shareholder value and fulfill our commitment to our employees.

As a good corporate citizen, we are fully aware of our social responsibilities in the local communities we operate and ready to contribute to the society as we continue to thrive.

II. Core Business Date : 2016- 04

Our business covers a wide spectrum of business, including bills, bonds, securities, futures as well as venture capitals. We are proud to provide the most comprehensive financial products to our individual and corporate clients with the highest quality of service and expertise.

III. Strategies Date : 2016- 04

The initial framework of the investment-banking group will be set up at this stage. The establishment of the guidelines will assist us in exploiting and utilize subsidiaries resources. Apart from internal auditing, measures have been taken to build a complete risk management system.
We plan to incorporate other businesses such as venture capitals, banks and insurance. Through strategic alliances with foreign investment banks, we will achieve better brand image and recognition of the company.
We aspire to become a financial powerhouse in Great China area by means of expanding direct financing and constructing the framework of the investment banking.

IV. Competitive Advantages Date : 2016- 04

The combination of bonds and securities in the money and capital markets is mutually supportive
Through equity swap, IBF Financial Holdings fully owns IBFC, Concourse, and Great Orient. This unique combination will benefit us in conducting business across capital and money market, and enhance group performance in the bull and bear markets. In turn, it provides a versatile array of investment products for our clients.

Tapping from a deep foundation of direct finance business, IBFFH is well positioned to develop as an investment-banking group.
Our businesses cover a wide range of services and products and hence leverage our investment expertise towards other markets via cross selling.

Well-qualified board of directors is fully capable of managing and supervising the company
Our board of directors and officers consist of representatives from renowned banks in Taiwan and elite scholars. In addition to injection of capital, they also provide their valuable expertise to the operation of the company. The separation of ownership and management and independent supervisors provides sound mechanism to oversee the business and fully in line with the spirit of corporate governance.

Integrated IT infrastructure empowers the benefit of cross selling
Integrated Customer Relationship Management system is completed and distributed throughout the holdings and subsidiaries. As a result, the shared sales information allows us to tap into the prospective clients and improve the efficiency of cross selling.